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  Secretarial Services

Complimentary services include:

  • Receptionists who greet all guests and offer directions to your office.

  • Handling all incoming and outgoing UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.

  • Schedule conference rooms for tenants.

  • Answering service when you use our telephone system.

  • Complimentary coffee all day.

In addition, we offer many basic Secretarial Services. These services, if used, are billed at the end of each month. They are also available for the general public.

  • Faxes (sent or received) $1/per page.

  • Copies $0.10/per copy.

  • Word Processing $1 to $5/per letter-size page and $1 to $7/per legal-size page.

  • English-Spanish-English document translation (except legal or medical)
    $ 10/ per letter-size page and $12/per legal-size page.

  • We do not specialize in resumes, but we help you in wording, formatting and printing. Just fill in our format or bring your information.
    $40/one page, any extra page is $10 and you get 10 copies with it.
    Reference page $5. Cover letter $ 5.

  • Research Papers. $8/per letter-size page. $12/per legal-size page.

  • Printed envelopes $ 32.50/box of 500

  • CD file storage. $5/per CD.

  • Shipping and receiving.

  • Mail boxes.

  • Invitations.

** All our typing work has aproximately a 24-hour turn around job; if less we'll give you a call
and let you know that it is ready.

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